First Time Buyers...Making Dreams Come True

I truly enjoy working with first time home buyers.  Home ownership is a wonderful investment, but choosing the right house can be daunting and the process can feel overwhelming to many.

When working with my first time buyers I make sure we have an in-person meeting to go over the specifics of what they will need, make sure they are pre-approved and know what they can afford PLUS go over the myriad of forms they will be asked to sign when they go to make an offer.

Once you find THE house, everything can move quickly and I work hard to prevent overwhelm.  If buyers have seen the disclosure forms previously, know how the process will unfold and have realistic expectations it can feel far less overwhelming.  

If you have questions about getting pre-approved or what the home buying process will look like, please email, call or text me and I will be happy to chat with you.

Zillow says our house is worth a million dollars!

Zillow is a wonderful and powerful tool and has changed the way people buy and sell houses, for many reasons I like Zillow.  One reason I dislike Zillow is when I am contacted to sell a house and on my first meeting I'm greeted with the happy seller's Zestimate as their listing price.  Zillow can not see inside your house, if you have not updated the avocado green bathroom and still have the 1970's paneling Zillow does not know this.  So if all of the houses in a mile radius that have recently sold have granite counter-tops, stainless steel appliances, finished basements, new roofs and maintenance free decks and your home is still stuck in the 1970's it is more than likely not worth what Zillow's Zestimate is stating.  The same case can be made, if all the houses in your neighborhood that have recently sold have not been updated and you just dropped 50K in renovations into your house then your house could be worth more than the Zillow's Zestimate.

A Realtor takes the time to pull similar home sales within your area and adjust the price up or down based on style of home, square footage, lot size and general overall condition.  Your Realtor then can provide you with a solid price range to list your house at, ultimately the listing price is your decision.

Look at your Zestimate but then keep an open mind when you meet with your Realtor as to where to price your home so that it sells for the highest price in the shortest amount of time!

Solid Pre-Approval Is Your First Step!

Your lease renewal is coming up and you have decided you are tired of paying someone else's mortgage and the time has come to buy your first home.  Whether it is a studio, condo or single family the first step in the home buying process is to get pre-approved.  While it is oh so very tempting to just log onto the computer and fill out a form online I strongly advise in finding a local reputable mortgage company and a loan officer who spends time with you.

It is important that the loan officer pulls your credit and reviews your taxes and pay-stubs. They should take the time to explain how the mortgage process works, and review closing costs and escrow accounts with you.  Your loan officer should make themselves available to you to run numbers with you on houses that interest you.  Feeling comfortable with your monthly mortgage payment is VERY important and it should be foremost in the mind of you, your Realtor and your loan officer.

If you are ready to start looking at homes and need a recommendation for a loan officer, please feel free to reach out to me directly.  I would be happy to provide you with some names.

We are ready to list! What do we need to do to get our house ready??

You have made that scary decision to put your house on the market, congratulations!  Now the next step is to get your home ready for the public to view.  The Container Store is your new best friend, you will want to make a trip there and pick up totes, many totes.  Now start de-cluttering, no personal pictures, religious items, school treasures, stuffed animals, knick Knacks or shot glass collection need to be on display.  Par down closets, clean off counter tops...adopt the mindset you are moving and start packing.  If your house is cluttered people will be distracted by the clutter and will not see the features of the house.

Look around, how is the paint?  Are there scuff marks on the stair risers, do your walls need a fresh coat?  Paint is your friend, pick a neutral shade and brighten up your home.  Take a trip to Walmart or Target, pick up some new fresh white towels for the bathroom, maybe a new white shower curtain as well.  Pretty throw pillows also look great on a couch or bed!  You do not need to spend a lot of money to make a few powerful changes.

Make sure everything is sparkling clean, hire a cleaner if you need to, if you list with me I will pay to have your home professionally cleaned prior to the first open house.  If you have pets get them groomed and rid the house of pet hair.  

Decks and porches will shine with potted plants!  If your deck is lack luster, stain it.  Lay mulch where needed to add curb appeal.

Put your best foot forward before putting the for sale sign on the lawn!

I'm Afraid We Will Be Homeless!

If I could coin one phrase I have been hearing repeatedly for the last two years is "I'm afraid we will be homeless".  Many people are ready to sell their home and either purchase a larger home, downsize to a smaller home or condo or just relocate to another area.  What is stopping them from pulling the trigger on listing?  FEAR!  Fear of their home selling days upon listing it and not being able to secure a new property to move to.  

This is a real fear and a justified one, because in this busy market with low inventory securing a new home with a home sale contingency can be challenging.  When I work sellers I encourage them to list their home with the contingency for the seller to find suitable housing.  This will buy you some time, but there will be an end date so a plan B will be necessary.  Sellers need to have a back up plan.  Renting on a month to month basis and a storage unit should be your plan B.  Nobody likes to move twice but moving twice may be better than feeling pressured to buy a home you don't really LOVE and you should LOVE your home.

Thinking of selling, but scared where you go?  Let's start talking!

New to the market this week! Multi-Family in Haverhill with water-views!

Coming soon in Haverhill! Mint condition Multi-Family with water-views of the Merrimack River! Enjoy newer heating systems, hot water heaters, roof and windows. 1st and 2nd floor boast 2 bedrooms and large eat-in kitchens. Be in for Spring to enjoy the sunsets from your great fenced in yard!

Thinking of selling? Time to think about de-cluttering!

Spring is on the horizon, has the thought of selling your home crossed your mind recently?  As a Realtor I have the pleasure of seeing many houses, and yes professionally staged houses look amazing! You want to move right in, you can see yourself living in the house, the problem is not everyone can afford to hire a professional stager.  If you can, terrific, it is worth every penny and it definitely has the potential to fetch you higher offers.  But what if you can’t afford a stager?? The number one thing I believe a seller can do to get their home ready to sell is declutter.  Adopt the mindset you are moving and start packing.  Head off to the Container Store and buy boxes and plastic totes.  Banish your collectibles, personal photos, magazine collections, overflowing toys (that includes dog toys).  Strip your fridge of magnetic calendars from your insurance agent and the town recycling schedule.  Put away the Kitchen Aid Mixer and blender and keep your counter top appliances to a coffee maker and toaster.  Your personal belonging make your house a home, but now that you have decided to move your home now needs to become a house.

I’m always happy to provide a free de-cluttering consultation for anyone interested in selling.

Welcome to life on the river...........

I ask my sellers to complete a form listing what they absolutely LOVE about their house.  The seller of this listing at 9 Endicott Street, Unit A in Danvers said, "Location, Location, Location".  What is a great location to one buyer, may be a nightmare for another. This townhouse has direct access to the Crane River in the backyard.  This allows you to enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass a wine on your deck or patio while watching the sunrise or set over the River, or drop your kayak in and paddle off to Beverly or Salem for a weekend excursion!  9 Endicott is also located less than a mile from supermarkets, BJ's, the Liberty Tree Mall, movies, restaurants, medical facilities and Route 128.  My seller is a busy executive who travels extensively, having highway access under a mile from her front door has made her commuting to the airport less stressful.  

If you are in the market for a spacious townhouse with serene water-views out your windows, but also the ease and convenience of having shopping and highway access close by, this could be the home you are looking for!  Open houses start the weekend of 3/3 and the list price is 479,900!

To view this listing please click on the link below: