I'm Afraid We Will Be Homeless!

If I could coin one phrase I have been hearing repeatedly for the last two years is "I'm afraid we will be homeless".  Many people are ready to sell their home and either purchase a larger home, downsize to a smaller home or condo or just relocate to another area.  What is stopping them from pulling the trigger on listing?  FEAR!  Fear of their home selling days upon listing it and not being able to secure a new property to move to.  

This is a real fear and a justified one, because in this busy market with low inventory securing a new home with a home sale contingency can be challenging.  When I work sellers I encourage them to list their home with the contingency for the seller to find suitable housing.  This will buy you some time, but there will be an end date so a plan B will be necessary.  Sellers need to have a back up plan.  Renting on a month to month basis and a storage unit should be your plan B.  Nobody likes to move twice but moving twice may be better than feeling pressured to buy a home you don't really LOVE and you should LOVE your home.

Thinking of selling, but scared where you go?  Let's start talking!