We are ready to list! What do we need to do to get our house ready??

You have made that scary decision to put your house on the market, congratulations!  Now the next step is to get your home ready for the public to view.  The Container Store is your new best friend, you will want to make a trip there and pick up totes, many totes.  Now start de-cluttering, no personal pictures, religious items, school treasures, stuffed animals, knick Knacks or shot glass collection need to be on display.  Par down closets, clean off counter tops...adopt the mindset you are moving and start packing.  If your house is cluttered people will be distracted by the clutter and will not see the features of the house.

Look around, how is the paint?  Are there scuff marks on the stair risers, do your walls need a fresh coat?  Paint is your friend, pick a neutral shade and brighten up your home.  Take a trip to Walmart or Target, pick up some new fresh white towels for the bathroom, maybe a new white shower curtain as well.  Pretty throw pillows also look great on a couch or bed!  You do not need to spend a lot of money to make a few powerful changes.

Make sure everything is sparkling clean, hire a cleaner if you need to, if you list with me I will pay to have your home professionally cleaned prior to the first open house.  If you have pets get them groomed and rid the house of pet hair.  

Decks and porches will shine with potted plants!  If your deck is lack luster, stain it.  Lay mulch where needed to add curb appeal.

Put your best foot forward before putting the for sale sign on the lawn!