Thinking of selling? Time to think about de-cluttering!

Spring is on the horizon, has the thought of selling your home crossed your mind recently?  As a Realtor I have the pleasure of seeing many houses, and yes professionally staged houses look amazing! You want to move right in, you can see yourself living in the house, the problem is not everyone can afford to hire a professional stager.  If you can, terrific, it is worth every penny and it definitely has the potential to fetch you higher offers.  But what if you can’t afford a stager?? The number one thing I believe a seller can do to get their home ready to sell is declutter.  Adopt the mindset you are moving and start packing.  Head off to the Container Store and buy boxes and plastic totes.  Banish your collectibles, personal photos, magazine collections, overflowing toys (that includes dog toys).  Strip your fridge of magnetic calendars from your insurance agent and the town recycling schedule.  Put away the Kitchen Aid Mixer and blender and keep your counter top appliances to a coffee maker and toaster.  Your personal belonging make your house a home, but now that you have decided to move your home now needs to become a house.

I’m always happy to provide a free de-cluttering consultation for anyone interested in selling.