First Time Buyers...Making Dreams Come True

I truly enjoy working with first time home buyers.  Home ownership is a wonderful investment, but choosing the right house can be daunting and the process can feel overwhelming to many.

When working with my first time buyers I make sure we have an in-person meeting to go over the specifics of what they will need, make sure they are pre-approved and know what they can afford PLUS go over the myriad of forms they will be asked to sign when they go to make an offer.

Once you find THE house, everything can move quickly and I work hard to prevent overwhelm.  If buyers have seen the disclosure forms previously, know how the process will unfold and have realistic expectations it can feel far less overwhelming.  

If you have questions about getting pre-approved or what the home buying process will look like, please email, call or text me and I will be happy to chat with you.